Peter Mullan




Peter Mullan is an actor, writer and director.  His acting credits include MY NAME IS JOE (Ken Loach) for which he won Best Actor at Cannes in 1998, ON A CLEAR DAY (Gaby Delisle) CRIMINAL (Greg Jacobs, producers Steven Soderberg and George Clooney) OUT OF THIS WORLD (Junji Sakamoto), KISS OF LIFE (Emily Young), YOUNG ADAM (David MacKenzie), THE CLAIM (Michael Winterbottom)  MISS JULIE (Mike Figgis) HARRY POTTER and THE NEIGHBOURS (David McKay). He also has numerous television (most recently THE FIXER) and theatre credits.

As a writer/director he has done 3 short films: GOOD DAY FOR THE BAD GUYS, CLOSE (Marc Samuelson Best Film Award 1993) and THE FRIDGE (Scottish BAFTA and three features: ORPHANS in 1997 (ISVEMA, Pierrot and Critics Week awards for Best Film-Venice Film Festival 1998 and Best Film-Paris Film Festival 1998)  THE MAGDALENE SISTERS 2001 (Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival 2002, Discovery Award, Toronto Film Festival 2002 and Media Prize, Cannes 2003) and NEDS(Best Film Evening Standard British Film Awards 2011). He is currently writing a new feature with the working title "PARADISE".