Andy Saunders










Andy Saunders is a writer and researcher who specialises in military and aviation history and has been published in all major UK historic aviation journals. He is currently editor of Britain At War magazine.

He is the author of many books including "BATTLE OVER SUSSEX" (Middleton Press), "RAF TANGMERE REVISITED" (Sutton), "NO. 43 FIGHTING COCKS SQUADRON" (Osprey Books) "JANE: A PIN-UP AT WAR" (Pen and Sword), "BADER'S LAST FIGHT", "MANNOCK VC", "FINDING THE FEW", "SPITFIRE P9374" "CONVOY PEEWIT" (Grub Street) and most recently, "HAYNES BATTLE OF BRITAIN RAF OPERATIONS MANUEL" (Haynes Publishing).

Andy has also been involved – both on screen and as technical and historical advisor – with a number of TV documentaries. In 2005 he devised the Channel 4 2 hour special, "WHO DOWNED DOUGLAS BADER?" and in 2009 he was involved with the acclaimed "ACES FALLING" WWI programme for 'TIMEWATCH'. Since then he has been involved with such projects as "DIG 1940" and the "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" series for the BBC. He was also the Series Consultant and on-screen dig team leader for Mandrill TV's "WAR DIGS" for Discovery.